Event schedule + rewards Viking Online:
-Video Contest:  
-When: 1x per 6 months
-Start: 1st friday of the month
-Duration: 10 days
-Rewards: 1st place 1000 silk, 2nd place: 500 silk, 3rd place: 250 silk
-Video Event:  
-Start: At launch of the server
-End: Never
-Rewards: Depending on the quality of the content
-Rewards for uneditted/not well editted video's:
-PvP video's: 6 silk
-Fortress War video's: 6 silk
-Guides: 6 silk
-Rewards for nice/greatly editted video's:
-Pvp video's: 12 silk
-Fortress War video's: 12 silk:
-Guides: 12 silk
-Note: This event is limited to 1 video per day, this means if u post more then 1 video per day u will only get the reward for 1 video.
- Giveaways:  
-When: every month
-Start: 3rd friday of the month between 7-8PM GMT +2
-Duration: 7 days
-Rewards: starterpackets, silk, discord nitro
- Unique Spawn Event:  
-Every day
-Start: 8PM GMT +2
-Location: jangan South gate
- Hide&Seek:  
-When: every 2nd friday of the month
-Start: between 7-8PM GMT +2
-Rewards: silk, golden lottery ticket
- Last Man Standing:  
-When: every 2nd saturday of the month
-Start: 8PM GMT +2
-Rewards: 500 silk + title "King of Viking"
-Hosted once the server reached 150 players
Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online 522 / 2000

  • Supporters Online:

  • Cap 140
  • Race EU & CH
  • Solo Exp Rate 100x
  • CH Mastery 420
  • PT Exp Rate 100x
  • SP Rate 100x
  • Drop Rate 3x
  • Gold Drop Rate 10x
  • PC Limit 8
  • IP Limit 8
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
Lastest 10 Unique Kills