Last Update

1-move main town to samarkand 2-move all npc to samarkand 3-move teleport mirror to hotan 4-Rearrangement all npc 5- add stat 60% items 6-edit hp new unique 7-edit damge unique 8-edit damage mobs mirror 9-edit some items price 10-edit vote reward quest 100 silk 11-open all ftw war 12-Increase the number of guild member 50 13-more Gold and stat point for new player

Server update To Degree 17

1- add new Stone Degree 17 And new Adv 4 + 7 2- Add new mobs lvl 151 - 160 3- add New Quest to get more Stat point Hunt mobs (mirror mobs ) u must wear job suit to join Area 4- change Reward all auto Event 5- add new grand switch for D17 6- add new Set and weapon and accessory Degree 17 7- Drop Degree 16 from mobs 151 - 158 ( star - Moon - sun ) 8- Drop Degree 17 from mobs 159-160 (Sun only ) 9- fix JUPITER unique damage #The Quest must be completed in order to obtain the next quest

Vikigns todays 2nd Changelog:

1-Silk per hour has been fixed
2-Unique silk reward has been fixed
3-new title manager window has been added(you can change your title through it )
4-6 new turkish titles has been added to title manager npc
5-new 2 global color has been added
6-new survival arena event has been added (more information down blow)
7-reset stats scroll has been added with safezone restrictions (you wont be able to use it out of town)
8-new unique rank has been applied
9-horse error has been removed
10-phbot auto trade feature has been disabled

Server Update 29-1-2021

Devil skills wone be sharing cooldow with these gliave and force skills anymore
Bloody Dragon storm skill has been fixed and it will be only useable while holding your gliave
reset skills scroll has been fixed and it wont reset your achievement skills anymore
new effects has been applied for the last avatars were deployed
both magic lucky powder dg15,16 has been added again to the npc
new bone roc unique has been added spawned in roc gate
power level room restricition level has been reduced to 119 max
new website has been added with more functions

New update 3-1-2021

1- add new devil 2- add new remove blue 3- edit blue devil add 10 % damage increase 4-Edit snow shield damage mp 5-remove snow flake event 6-Edit page pet 2 page 7- add all player 2 pet 8-max stock stone D15 9- edit STR- INT 10 D15 10-when u lose FTW will get back old title 11-The server will be linked discord 12- jewel bow work

Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online 519 / 2000

  • Supporters Online:

  • Cap 150
  • Race EU & CH
  • Solo Exp Rate 100x
  • CH Mastery 420
  • PT Exp Rate 100x
  • SP Rate 100x
  • Drop Rate 3x
  • Gold Drop Rate 10x
  • PC Limit 8
  • IP Limit 8
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
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